Girl throws bottle with message at sea and is answered

A 10-year-old girl from the English city of Long Eaton wrote a message on a bottle and threw it overboard in July last year. After spending eight months traveling through the currents of the North Sea, the game worked and came to the hands of a Norwegian boy.

Lilly Carter was on vacation with her family when she and her 11-year-old sister decided to throw the glass bottles into the sea. The girls had no paper with them, so they used napkins to write messages.

“Honey, regardless of who you are – Please, if you find that, post it online. I’m from Long Eaton, I’m 10 years old and my name is Lilly Carter,” said the message sent to the sea by the child.

The idea worked. Ida Christine was with her 8 year old son, on a rocky beach outside the city of Kragero, in Norway, when she saw the bottle, read the message and started looking for Lilly on the internet.

After obtaining more than three thousand shares, the photo of the bottle, published by Ida, reached Claire Pentecost, Lilly’s mother, who said she could not believe her daughter’s joke survived the trip of more than 1609 km and reached Norway .

“The fact that someone found him and went out to find us online is really great. Lilly will always remember that,” said the mother in an interview with ITV News.

With the success of the message sent by Lilly, the family hopes that the bottle thrown overboard by the girl’s sister, Chloe, will reach even further.


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