India passes Brazil in daily average of new cases of covid-19 – 05/04/2021

India passes Brazil in daily average of new cases of covid-19 – 05/04/2021
India passes Brazil in daily average of new cases of covid-19 – 05/04/2021
India surpassed Brazil in the total of new cases of covid-19, on a daily average of seven days, becoming the new global epicenter of the disease. On Friday (2), Brazil still led the world ranking of positive tests, with 72,238 new cases daily against 69,050 in India. On Saturday (3), however, India registered an average of 73,412 new cases, compared to 66,176 in Brazil.

On Sunday (4), India continued to lead, with a difference of 14,165 cases more than Brazil in the daily moving average. As the second most populous country in the world, however, India is still well behind Brazil in terms of new cases in proportion to the population: here the daily average is 302 cases per million inhabitants, while in the country of Southern Asia is 57 cases per million inhabitants. The data, based on a survey by Johns Hopkins University, in the United States, is available on the Our World in Data website.

In this second (5), India for the first time passed the mark of 100,000 new cases registered in a single day. The country came close to that number in September, but the figure dropped to less than 15,000 new cases a day in February. The new increase, therefore, was quite accelerated and took the Indian authorities by surprise, at the moment when they are trying, with great difficulty, to make a mass vaccination of the population.

Despite being the world’s largest producer of vaccines and a supplier of supplies even for Brazil, India is managing to vaccinate, on average, only 0.19% of its population per day. Brazil, even with the lack of vaccines, performs a little better, daily immunizing 0.23% of its citizens.

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, the main cause for the growth in the number of new cases is the relaxation of basic health care by the population, such as wearing masks and avoiding crowds. The new variants of the virus that are beginning to circulate in India, especially the British one, are not identified as responsible for the new wave.

With the recent rise in the number of new cases, India has reached Brazil in the total number of citizens who have already been infected with the new coronavirus. In both countries, some 13 million people have or have had covid-19.

In no other country, however, are there as many deaths from covid-19 today as in Brazil. The moving average was 2,746 daily deaths from the disease on Sunday (4), against 792 in the United States and 465 in India.

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