Woman gives birth to conceived twins three weeks apart

UA British woman gave birth to two babies at the same time, even though the two were conceived weeks apart.

Rebecca Roberts was already pregnant with a baby boy – Noah – when she discovered she had another baby in her womb.

The woman says that she and her husband Rhys went to a fertility clinic in Bath, England, to seek fertility treatment. In the first phase of treatment, Rebecca soon became pregnant.

But it was at the 12-week pregnancy consultation that the future mom would discover that she had another baby on the way: a girl, who would be called Rosalie.

“We feel very lucky. It is a joy to have twins in any form and we are fortunate to have achieved this in this special way. It’s adorable and we feel blessed, ”say the parents in an interview with CBS News.

Both babies were born prematurely, by caesarean section. Noah was 33 weeks pregnant and Rosalie was 30. The two recently completed six months of life.

Rebecca became pregnant with twins through a phenomenon known as superfetation. This occurs when an egg is released from a woman’s ovary after she is already pregnant and, once fertilized, implanted next to the first embryo.

Superfetation – which produces what is known as “super twins” – is very rare and there are only a few documented cases in the world, says the NY Post.

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