Adolescent declared dead comes back to life before having organs removed – News

Adolescent declared dead comes back to life before having organs removed – News
Adolescent declared dead comes back to life before having organs removed – News

The teenager above had severe head injuries after being run over by van, in the English city of Leek, on March 13th. Despite being taken immediately to the hospital, doctors said the family could say goodbye: Lewis Roberts, 18, had suffered “brain stem death”.

According to the British tabloid Metro, on the news, the boy’s loved ones agreed to donate his organs to seven other people. However, the wait for the removal procedure proved to be crucial to the next events.

The video above, shared by Jade Roberts, the young man’s sister, shows the moment when Lewis can breathe on his own, without the aid of devices. This, just a few hours before being taken to the surgery table.

“Lew, you are amazing,” says Jade during the recording.

In a Facebook post, she explained that her brother’s death had already been informed to the coroner. After filling out forms, Jade decided to go up to the room where the teenager rested: “I took Lewis’s hand and asked him to breathe,” he wrote.

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A week later, she shared an even better piece of news: the boy had managed to get through an entire day without the pulmonary ventilator.

Despite the improvement and the hospital apologized by mistake, on March 28, Lewis breathed again through machines, due to an infection in his chest. Doctors are still investigating what would have caused the condition.

As you haven’t left the critical condition, the boy’s family tries to raise money for treatment, through collective financing: “We are very grateful for the prayers and the best wishes for Lewis,” says a message on the fundraising page.

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According to Metro, the police serving the region are still investigating the accident that victimized the teenager.

Meanwhile, in Colombia, a daughter invaded the morgue after her father was declared dead and found him alive on the spot. Understand below!

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