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Already during the upcoming FA Cup final at Wembley, fans will be back in the stands as one of a total of nine major attempts where the public must have a vaccine pass to enter, several British media report.

A vaccine passport, or vaccine certificate as it is called here, which shows that you have either been vaccinated, have a negative test, or that you have had corona for the last six months, is what will bring life back to normal after the corona pandemic in England.

The popular Glastonbury festival has been canceled due to the corona pandemic this year. Music festivals may become possible again with a vaccine pass, according to the British government.
Photo: Joel Ryan / AP

Boris Johnson today presents the plans for a corona-safe passport that allows people to wave goodbye to the tometer because the risk of infection is less. The point is also to make the krone roll again in a country where the corona crisis has sent the economy into a crisis deeper than in a long time.

From Friday, all adults in England will be offered to test themselves at home with quick tests twice a week.

Lots of resistance

The vaccine passes will not currently apply to shops or public transport. But many Britons are skeptical of what a vaccine pass might entail. A group of over 70 members in the House of Commons believes the proposal is both divisive and discriminatory.

– This is something we have not been used to in this country since the days of the war. We are not used to having to show papers to go to a football match or the pub, says David Davies from the Conservatives to the BBC.

A satisfied Boris Johnson received his first vaccine dose on 19 March. The Prime Minister can rejoice that the arrows are currently going in the right direction in the corona pandemic.
Photo: Pool / Reuters

It is still expected that Prime Minister Johnson will get the vaccine passes through, but he may sweeten the pill by saying that the measure will not last longer than one year. It has not yet been decided whether the vaccine passes will be extended to apply to release the tometer at pubs and restaurants, but it is on the block.

It is not clear whether the other nations in Britain will follow England and introduce vaccine passports.

Little corona infection

For the first time in a year, most Britons are more optimistic about the future. More than half of the population is now immune, either because they have been vaccinated or have had the disease.

The infection rate is down to only 3,500 a day, just as many are in hospital and far fewer die. Last week, an average of 35 people died every day. At worst, 1800 died a day of covid-19 in the UK and in total over 126,800 have lost their lives from corona.

Traffic light system for travel

The government will also gradually resume air traffic. From now on, travelers will encounter the traffic light system.

Those who come from a green-marked country avoid isolation, but must be tested before departure and upon return. Those who come from a yellow country have to be in isolation for ten days, while those who come from a red country have to be quarantined at their own expense.

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