Employee strikes hand with light fryer to stop pizza theft – News

A kebaberia employee in Perth, Australia, managed to prevent the theft of a slice of pizza, with a deep fryer blow to the head of the light hand. The flagrant recorded by a surveillance camera of the place ended up shared by the worker himself in TikTok, where he went viral.

“Don’t steal my pizza,” says the video caption.

The suspect took advantage of the moment when the establishment’s staff was busy to get a pinch. He just didn’t count on the skill of the boy who handled the fryer.

“Look what I did!” Exclaims the employee during the recording.

After the oily blow to the head, the man who tried to grab the pizza ran down the street. While the cashier and the customers seemed to be trying to assimilate what had just happened.

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The case was reported by the Daily Mail tabloid, which did not say whether the theft suspect was injured after the coup or whether the police were notified of the occurrence.

Despite the comments field in the video on TikTok being reset, the Daily Mail reported some online reactions to the situation.

“This is a good way to get rid of someone,” noted an internet user. “Why didn’t you feed him?” Asked another.

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