Russia is gearing up for the north

Russia is gearing up for the north
Russia is gearing up for the north

Satellite images from the company Maxar show that in recent years the Russian military has been heavily equipped in the Arctic.

Among the places where it is now being upgraded is the Northern Fleet’s main base in Severomorsk north of Murmansk. It is about 200 km from the Norwegian border.

The photos show that in the last four years, a number of bases in northern parts of Russia have been significantly expanded and refurbished, writes CNN.

Russia claims that the development in the Arctic is a purely economic measure, and that it is about securing the country’s economic interests.

BREAKING ICE: Russian nuclear submarines break ice during a well-directed video from a military exercise in the winter of 2021. Video: Russian Ministry of Defense
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– Renovating

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Campbell in the US military tells CNN that the Russians are expanding significantly.

“Russia is refurbishing Soviet-era airports and radar installations, building ports and rescue centers, and building its fleet of nuclear-powered and other icebreakers,” Campbell said.

REFS: US President Joe Biden criticized Russia at a news conference Thursday night. Video: AP
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– They are also expanding the network of air and coastal missile systems, thereby strengthening the opportunities to deny others access to key areas in the Arctic, he says.

Pictures published by the Russian Armed Forces themselves show, among other things, so-called “motorized infantry” from the Northern Fleet training in the Arctic with sharp ammunition. That is, soldiers with vehicles that shoot with real weapons, not training weapons.

– No threat

No later than Monday, the Russian authorities emphasize that the country does not pose a threat to any other country. Then there was the question of the transfer of forces to the Ukrainian border.

“Russia does not pose a threat to any other country in the world, including Ukraine,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian state news agency TASS.

– The Russian army is moving through Russian territory as it sees fit. It moves where it deems it necessary, in the way it deems it necessary to ensure stability and security, says Peskov.

BREAKING: A Russian nuclear submarine breaks through the ice on March 26. Photo: The Russian Armed Forces / AP / NTB
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– Radioactive tsunamis

Among the weapons now being developed to operate in Arctic waters is the new Russian “superweapon” 2M39 Poseidon. It is a nuclear-powered torpedo designed to run along the seabed to avoid various forms of defense located along the coast of other countries.

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According to Russian state media, the torpedo can be equipped with nuclear warheads with several megatons of power.

US Secretary of State for International Security Christopher A. Ford has previously told CNN that the weapon was developed to “flood US coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis”.

– Deter

The head of the Norwegian intelligence service, Vice Admiral Nils Andreas Stensønes, tells CNN that the nuclear weapon has been developed to deter.

VERY POSSIBLE: Intelligence chief Nils Andreas Stensønes says there is a real danger that countries such as Russia and China may try to influence Norwegian elections. Video: NTB
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– It is now in a test phase, but it is a strategic weapon system, and it is aimed at targets, and has an impact, far outside the region where they are now testing it, he says to the American TV channel.

In response to the Russian escalation in the Arctic, the United States has stationed several B-1 bombers and around 200 soldiers at Ørland airport outside Trondheim. These fly regularly on cruises in the Barents Sea, among other places.

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