Russia with historic military rearmament in the Arctic

According to CNN, Russia has launched a large-scale test in a previously frozen area in the Arctic. According to experts, the country is trying to secure the northern coast, which is a lucrative potential freight route between Asia and Europe.

Satellite images show enormous forces and large-scale testing of weapons in the area. It is especially the new Russian superweapon “Poseidon 2M39 torpedo” that worries weapons experts and Western leaders. The development of the weapon accelerated after Russian President Vladimir Putin in February requested that testing be launched. The unmanned torpedo is powered by a nuclear reactor, and is designed to be able to sneak past coastal defenses.

The weapon is designed to be able to release a multi-megaton warhead, and can make larger areas uninhabitable for decades after an attack, the Russian military claims.

A Russian soldier is on duty at the military base on Kotelny Island. Foto: Maxime Popov / AFP/NTB

In November, US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security Christopher A. Ford stated that the Poseidon weapon was designed to “drown US coastal cities in a radioactive tsunami”, writes CNN.

Satellite photo published by Maxar shows a strong ongoing build-up of Russian military and equipment along the country’s Arctic coast. In addition to “Poseidon”, Russia has equipped itself with bombers, fighter jets and a new radar system near the coast of Alaska.

“Russia is carrying out a major overhaul of old Soviet stations and radar installations,” Pentagon spokesman Thomas Campbell told CNN.

In addition to the updates, the country strengthens its defense capabilities in the area, which improves their ability to refuse passage in strategically important parts of the Arctic, Campbell believes.

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