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James Charles (21) has in recent weeks been in another storm of accusations of “grooming”.

The YouTuber has over 25 million followers on his channel. He has been making makeup videos for several years. Throughout his career, he has experienced accusations of much different. The latest thing now is that it has emerged that he has had flirtatious and sexual conversations with underage boys.

In the latest case from February, a 16-year-old TikTok user told Charles that he had “groomed” him.

“Grooming” can be defined as the process by which an adult becomes friends with, and establishes an emotional contact with a minor, and then arranges a meeting with it so that it will be possible for the adult to have sexual intercourse with the child.

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It started with Charles sending him nude photos and pressured him to send nude photos back via Snapchat – even after Charles discovered that the user was 16 years old.

Charles has now published a video on his Youtube profile where he explains himself and tells his side of the story. He tells in the video that he is going to change and that he now understands that what he has done is wrong.

In the comments below the video, people write things like that they do not believe that he is genuine, since they thought it seems that he is only sorry that he was caught and not for what he has done.

– This is starting to sound like “I’m sorry I was caught”, one comments during the video.

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Janni Olsson Delér and Jon Olsson Delér have a daughter

Janni is a Swedish influencer who is married to the former freestyle alpinist Jon Olsson who also comes from Sweden. They are both active on Youtube where they have a large following of almost two million in total. Here they share videos from their lives.

Jon has previously won several medals in the X-Games and he also runs the popular brand Douchebags which produces sacks and bags.

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On Easter Eve, she shared the news that the little girl was born on March 30.

In November 2019, they had their first child Leon – he is now a little over a year old and has become a big brother.

– Welcome to the world our little girl, we are already so in love with you, Janni writes on Instagram.

They said in an earlier video that it was not conscious that they had a second child so early after the first man, but that they were very happy about it.


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