Protesting with Easter eggs

Crowds Myanmar have taken to the streets day and night to protest after the military junta seized power in the country.

Since then, at least 550 protesters have been killed by the country’s security forces, according to the local human rights group AAPP. On Saturday, the violence against protesters continued.

This weekend, several of the country’s youths started a protest where they hand out Easter eggs painted with protest messages, writes the news agency Reuters. “Spring Revolution”, “We must win” and “Get out MAH”, which refer to junta leader Min Aung Hlaing, are some of what is written on the eggs.

“Easter is about the future, and the people of Myanmar have a great future in a federal democracy,” Dr. Sasa said in a statement. He is an international envoy for the ousted civilian government.

RESISTANCE: A group of protesters hold up eggs with protest messages and three fingers to mark resistance after the military coup in Myanmar. Photo: AP Photo

Warns against civil war and carnage

The UN special envoy to Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, warned before the weekend against a full-blown civil war and an imminent carnage when she briefed the Security Council on the development.

Schraner Burgener emphasized that she is still open to dialogue with the coup makers, but warns that time is running out.

– If we wait until they are ready for this, the situation on the ground will get worse. A bloodbath is imminent, she said, urging Security Council members, including Norway, to “do what is needed by the people of Myanmar to prevent a multidimensional catastrophe in the heart of Asia.”

Earlier this week, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also warned of civil war in the country.

– The military junta has driven Myanmar to the brink of disaster in a few weeks. More than 500 people have already been killed and thousands are fleeing, Maas said in a comment published in a number of German newspapers on Saturday.

Maas demands that all actors increase the pressure on the regime so that Myanmar finally agrees to talk with the partner countries of the Organization of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

One person holds an egg in protest of the military coup in Myanmar. (Photo by Handout / ANONYMOUS / AFP)

One person holds an egg in protest of the military coup in Myanmar. (Photo by Handout / ANONYMOUS / AFP)

The sea

A protester holds an egg with the message

A protester holds an egg with the message “Spring Revolution”. Photo: Obtained By Reuters

The sea

Protesters hold eggs painted with protest messages to show resistance after the military coup.

Protesters hold eggs painted with protest messages to show resistance after the military coup. Photo: Obtained By Reuters

The sea

Common condemnation

On Saturday, representatives of ten of the largest rebel groups, among them KNU, met digitally to discuss developments in the country. This resulted in a common condemnation of the coup plotters’ violence against protesters.

“The leaders of the military council must be held accountable,” said General Yawd Serk, who heads the RCSS rebel group in Shan State.

The military junta last month announced a ceasefire with the country’s rebel groups, but stressed that exceptions would be made if they interfered with “security and government administration machinery”

Shot and killed

In the city of Monywa, about 750 kilometers northwest of Yangon, protesters were killed, according to the online newspaper Myanmar Now. Videos shared on social media show a group of protesters carrying away a young man who was apparently hit in the head. Shooting is heard in the recording.

In Thahtone east of Yangon, one protester was killed by security forces on Saturday, according to the online edition of the Bago Weekly Journal.

A random 18-year-old passer-by, who did not take part in the demonstration, was also shot and killed, according to the newspaper.

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