James Charles (21) is replaced in reality show – VG

James Charles (21) is replaced in reality show – VG
James Charles (21) is replaced in reality show – VG

APOLOGIZED: In early April, influencer James Charles released a video in which he apologized for inappropriate messages, now he is replaced in season two by “Instant Influencer”. Photo: Screenshot YouTube

The influencer was the host of the reality show “Instant Influencer” on YouTube in 2020. Now the platform reports that he will not be seen in season two.

In the last month, make-up influencer James Charles (21) has been accused of inappropriate messages to 16-year-olds. In early April, he posted a video in which he apologized. He says that the conversations, which have received a lot of attention, should never have happened.

Now YouTube confirms that season two of the original show “Instant Influencer” will have a new host, reports Variety.

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When it premiered in 2020, the title was “Instant Influencer With James Charles”. YouTube has previously announced that the 21-year-old will continue as host. It does not want to give a reason why they have changed their minds, writes Variety.

– We thank James for a great first season, and look forward to building on the show’s success by expanding the opportunity to showcase a variety of creators on YouTube, says a spokesman for the website.

These were the reactions when the program premiered:

It is now one year since the first season premiered. The reality show received over 50 million views in its first month and was honored with this year’s show at the Streamy Awards in 2020.

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James Charles (21) apologizes: – The conversations should never have happened

Charles says that he has talked to professionals about his behavior, and that he previously did not realize that there was a skewed balance of power when fans contacted him.

He has not published anything on Instagram or YouTube, after the apology video where he first commented on the scandal. That video was posted on the influencer’s official YouTube profile on April 1.


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