agent breaks surfboard that failed to comply with lockdown in SP

The Guarujá Municipal Civil Guard, on the coast of São Paulo, got into trouble with surfers who failed to comply with the lockdown measures in the city due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A video that circulates on social networks shows one of the agents breaking the board of one of the sportsmen.

An inspector, who is not a guard, but responsible for ensuring compliance with the decree that prevents the use of beaches, threw two boards in the sand – one of them ended up breaking.

The video also shows one of the Municipal Guard agents holding a firearm and, soon after, handcuffing a man.


According to GCM, those present allegedly physically assaulted the inspectors, and the guards were called in to protect employees. One person, according to UOL, was taken to the police station for contempt of authority. The police registered a police report.

The Guarujá City Hall informed that the case happened during an agglomeration occurrence on the beach of Pernambuco, which had surfers in breach of the orders of the restrictions decree. The group would have been instructed to leave the site, but would have defied the inspection team.

The administration also made it clear that if there is a finding of any disproportionate action, the episode will gain an administrative investigation, with possible punishment for those responsible.


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