The thrill of being protected from Covid-19

Dona Dóris received the first dose on Saturday, 27. The second application of the vaccine will be in June. (Photo: Disclosure)

After more than a year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, hope has emerged in recent months. Vaccines against the virus began to be applied and the sting of the injection turned into hope for better days. Venâncio Aires has already received more than 13 thousand doses and the number of vaccinees already reaches 12.3% of the total population of the municipality.

Vaccination continues to happen with priority groups of the elderly and health professionals. When the vaccine is applied, some elderly people end up being thrilled by the moment of relief. Dona Dóris Beatriz Weirith, 68, is one of them. She received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 last Saturday, 27. The resident of the center was taken by her nephew Vinícius Kusma to the Parque Municipal do Chimarrão to participate in the drive-thru and receive the immunizer from Oxford / AstraZeneca.

The retiree was very happy and thrilled to be vaccinated (check out the video at the end of this article). “I couldn’t hold back the emotion, there I was receiving life. I remembered people who didn’t have that opportunity and lost their lives. It was hope, a light that appears in the darkness ”, evaluates Dóris.

Doris says that her niece had contact with the virus, but she only felt mild symptoms. She, after receiving the immunization, felt reactions from the vaccine on Sunday, 28, the day after receiving the vaccine. “I felt fever, body pain and headache. But on Monday everything was over and I was fine ”, he completes. Now, the expectation is for the application of the second dose of the vaccine, which is scheduled for June 19.

The nursing technician Vinícius Alves Ferreira Mattos was the one who applied the first dose of the vaccine to Dona Dóris. The young man, 22, highlights that the feeling of participating in vaccination actions is hopeful and exposes his gratitude for being able to help the municipality in the worst moment of the pandemic. “I am helping, but experiencing a historic moment that no money pays,” he adds. When applying the dose in Dóris, Vinícius says that everyone felt the relief and emotion of the retiree.

Vinícius works as a volunteer in vaccination actions against Covid-19. (Photo: Disclosure)


Some people, when vaccinated, bring snacks and groceries to health professionals who work on a voluntary basis. Vinícius emphasizes the gratitude and recognition they receive. “And it is so cool to see that the admiration on the part of the population does not come only through treats, but also through encouraging words, incentives and thanks, which are so important at that moment”, he completes.

The young man hopes that, more and more, this voluntary movement will spread throughout the city and that everyone will understand the importance of the vaccine, but also of the solidarity, so necessary. Vinícius also emphasizes the ‘Solidary Vaccination’ campaign. “When you are going to get the vaccine, take a kilo of food, be a volunteer in the fight against hunger that the pandemic has brought to many families”, invites Vinícius.

“Seeing Dona Dóris crying, moved, makes me sure that we are heading towards the ‘beginning of the end’ of this nightmare.”
Nursing Technician

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Security forces and 65-year-olds will be next to be vaccinated

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