Couple vandalize R $ 3 million art by mistake

Couple vandalize R $ 3 million art by mistake
Couple vandalize R $ 3 million art by mistake

Security camera recorded the young people using paint that was part of the exhibition to paint the graffiti; case would have been a misunderstanding

Security camera footage from an art exhibition at Lotte World Mall, in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, caught a young couple throwing paint on an art worth an estimated R $ 3 million.

The vandalism, however, would have occurred by mistake. According to information on the “New York Post” website, the head of the exhibition, Kang Wook, said that “they thought it was a participatory art and made a mistake”.

Couple vandalized R $ 3 million work by mistake in South Korea – Photo: Reproduction / R7

One of the factors that influenced the misunderstanding is that the piece of art has cans of paint and a brush, which are part of the work. It was made in 2016, by artist Jon One.

The couple, however, confused things and imagined that they would be “helping” with the painting.

“We are talking to the artist to try to repair the work,” said Kang Wook for the New York Post report.

In addition, the coordination of the art exhibition provided separation tapes and notices such as “Do not touch” the pieces, to avoid future mistakes.

Check out the video:

* With information from R7 e New York Post

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