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YouTube has rules on its platform regarding content, especially if the author of the publication intends to monetize the video. Themes such as violence and drugs are often under the close watch of their algorithms, even when the approach is educational. To change this scenario a little, Google will “loosen” the guidelines for videos that have this appeal.

According to a statement posted on its support page, Google says “to expand monetization on educational, documentary or news content that may include violent interactions with law enforcement, recreational drugs and content related to drugs or sensitive events.” However, there are no details on humorous videos.

With this update to the standards, videos will be able to receive ads and monetize normally like any other, as long as, of course, they follow these rules imposed by the company and its platform. These guidelines now divide drug-related content into three categories of advertising: those where users who have submitted can activate ads; which ads should be deactivated; and those that can be activated depending on the authorization of the brand.

Videos involving drugs, including in a recreational way, have a new monetization policy on YouTube (Image: Shelby Ireland / Unsplash)

These changes can already be seen in the first section, where the videos will be separated between the categories mentioned above. The difference, however, is that the rules are now softer and, even if the pieces show the use of drugs, the educational purpose may cause this video to be monetized or may receive an advertisement.

Even though YouTube has not added these descriptions in other sections, advertisers will know which videos will be able to receive ads. However, videos with legalized drugs or in a comic context lack more details about this adequacy in the rule.

For more details, Google made an official post on the topic that can be visited on its official portal.

Fonte: The Verge

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