VIDEO: Family members protest Peva detainees for better conditions – GAZ

VIDEO: Family members protest Peva detainees for better conditions – GAZ
VIDEO: Family members protest Peva detainees for better conditions – GAZ
On Saturday afternoon, 3, a group of family members of inmates at the Venâncio Aires State Penitentiary (Peva) gathered in front of the prison house to protest. They argue that the place has water rationing and ask for more flexibility when bringing food to detainees and priority for prisoners and prison system agents in vaccination against Covid-19.

A detainee’s wife, who prefers not to be identified, reported that prisoners are trying to access water only at two times of the day and for a short time – from 7 am to 8 am and about 30 minutes in the early evening. “The water has to be released 24 hours a day, as in other chains. They are already here paying for what they did wrong and we want to see our family well. It has been like this for over a year, this is not human. Not to mention that in winter they turn off the light to take a cold shower ”, he says.

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Another point is in relation to the delivery of bags with groceries. “In every chain, a pot of food comes in at least once a week. Here in Venâncio, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been unable to deliver anything else. If that doesn’t change, as well as the water issue, we will have more demonstrations. ”

In response to Gaz portal, the head of the 8th Penitentiary Police Station, Samantha Longo, the water issue has already been addressed in other opportunities, including addressed between the Superintendency of Penitentiary Services (Susepe), prisoners and public defender.

“All inmates have access to a water supply every day of the week. They have access to a shower and taps with drinking water for consumption. Also, by the administrative management of the prison unit, prisoners are allowed to store bottles of drinking water for consumption inside the cells. ”

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Regarding the routing of food, she says that daily the prisoners receive food provided by the State. “Visits are also authorized, according to the schedule, with dates informed in advance by the local management, the delivery of food and personal hygiene items, allowed in Susepe’s ordinance.

She adds that delivery according to the schedule is due to the pandemic and the suspension or restriction of visits throughout the state, “which requires stricter sanitary measures to be adopted in the inspection of materials. As soon as the visitation is reestablished, that is, authorized by the Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration to all prisons, the receipt of materials will return in a normal way along with the visiting days. ”

Regarding the vaccination of prisoners, she points out that “the 8th DPR, through all its Prison Units, continues to respect the determinations established in the National Vaccination Plan created by the Federal Government, regarding dates and priority groups.”

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