“The pandemic is subsiding,” says Greca in a message. Watch the video –

“The pandemic is subsiding,” says Greca in a message. Watch the video –
“The pandemic is subsiding,” says Greca in a message. Watch the video –
The mayor of Curitiba Rafael Greca (DEM) said this Saturday, when he announced the return of the orange flag in Curitiba from Monday (5), that “the pandemic is subsiding”. With a video message addressed to the city’s residents, the mayor left a message related to Easter and gave an optimistic speech regarding the fight against the covid-19.

“After 23 days of severe social isolation, we achieved the liberation of health services from the suffocation of more than 1,500 cases per day and the need to be careful that ICU beds and clinical beds were not missing,” said Greca.
According to him, “the cases dropped. The retransmission rate also fell. Together, the smart city that we are, we cut the coronavirus retransmission rate by 1.41 in half. Today we have between 0.73 and 0.77. This means that the pandemic is subsiding ”

The mayor recalled, however, the need to maintain hygiene and distance care. “But we still need in this long journey until a time of healing that you intensify the washing of hands, alcohol in gel, the use of the mask. And also intensify the care of breathing distance and social isolation. ”

And he left an optimistic forecast regarding the end of the health crisis. “That done, with the vaccination, April or May will certainly bring us a complete cure for this scourge,” he added.

Watch the mayor’s video

Social media pandemic message

In addition to the video, the mayor left text messages on social media.

“I have just signed a decree that will be published today, in an extra edition of the Official Gazette of the Municipality of Curitiba, revoking the restrictions of the Red Flag. #LockdownFunciona We were hospitalizing many a day. Now, thank God, it fell. The “R” – retransmission rate – was brought down by the collective effort of the responsible Curitibanos, from 1.41 to 0.77. It fell in half. The suffocation of the Health system calmed down over 23 days of sacrifice, due to the efforts of the valued Medical and Intensive Nursing teams. Under the terms of the Orange Flag, our great Metropolitan City may reopen on Monday morning. This joy on the day called “Pascoela”, secretary Márcia Huçulak tells me, still needs to evolve to the Yellow Flag. So adding health responsibility with plenty of vaccines – which we hope to receive from the Federal Government and the State Government, we will arrive together one day at the dreamed #TempoDeCura. # ForçaFé nimo Gradually, we will return to all the attractions of our Urban Life. Happy Easter, my beloved Curitiba! God bless those born here and those who chose to live here. #VidaEmPlenitude ”, he said on Instagram.

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