“I will take a lot of money for you”

In an outburst, he recalled Jacira Santana’s struggle as a school cook to raise her children with strength and strength

The Economist Gilberto delighted the fans when recording the X-ray this Saturday (3) in honor of the mother, Jacira Santana. On the day she celebrates her birthday, he revealed the pride he feels.

“Congratulations, mom, I love you so much. I want to wish you this x-ray, which is my life, who did everything for me, who always fought, worked in general services, her burns on her arm, when you worked there in lunch school. Fighting, battling “, he stated.

He recalled the difficult origin and the drive and strength that marked his history. “We know it was never easy, you are a warrior, you always gave blood for your children”, he continued shaken.

In the end, he even said that he will make her very happy and apologized for his explosive behavior in the house. “Sorry if at some point I didn’t make you proud in here. You know how I am. I’m also very happy, regardless of anything, I’m rich. I will take a lot of money for you, in the name of Jesus. One thing I learned from you is that our family is always together, say what you want, do what you want, we are always together, holding each other’s hands and it will be like this until the end. We’ll be together shortly. I love you so much mom”, he declared.


The confusion caused by Juliette continues to resonate in the house. During the dawn of this Saturday (3), Thais took a stand and made harsh criticisms against her sister.

In the external area, Lucas stretcher stated that it was missing for Viih Tube be clearer. The confusion started because she would have invited the dentist to sleep in the leader’s room, but the Paraiba woman invited herself, which created an embarrassing situation.

“In this situation, what I think happened was: Juliette was really jealous of you and Viih and Viih asked you to put on your pajamas, but she didn’t imply that Juliette was not supposed to be”, says Camilla.

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