A resident swears and threatens a condominium doorman in Vargem Grande. “You lazy shit”

A resident swears and threatens a condominium doorman in Vargem Grande. “You lazy shit”
A resident swears and threatens a condominium doorman in Vargem Grande. “You lazy shit”

The porter Fábio Maciel sued the resident Bruno Camino for moral damages and racial injury; the offenses took place at the Los Álamos condominium lobby.

A resident of the Los Álamos condominium, in Vargem Grande Paulista, verbally offended, including in a tone of racial injury, and made threats against the doorman Fábio Souza Maciel, who filmed the attacks on Tuesday afternoon (30). Cotia and Cia had access to the images. Fábio sued him for moral damages and racial injury.

The discussion started after the resident, identified as Bruno Camino, 36, asked the doorman to pick up a parcel for him. Fábio refused to make the delivery, as he should follow the usual condominium procedure, which requires registration of orders received before being delivered to the resident.

I went to look at the rack of correspondence already registered and I didn’t have his. I said that his correspondence should have arrived at that moment and that I was going to identify it. Then I asked if he could come by in a little while to get it. But he said no, that he needed it for now. That’s where the verbal assaults started”, Said Fábio to Cotia e Cia.

Irritated by the porter’s attitude, Bruno, apparently altered, starts cursing and threatening Fábio for free. Among the offenses, the resident cursed Fábio for ‘shitty fat’, ‘retarded’, ‘lazy shit’, ‘stupid employee’ and ‘sick’.

I want my order! Turn around! While you’re standing there like shit, like shit, you could take my order, which costs nothing, you lazy shit, that’s what you are. Come out here to see if I don’t beat you up. You do not know how to work and you will still be beaten by the resident, because you are not enough man even to know how to fight, that is what you are.

Fábio doesn’t fall for Bruno’s provocation, which makes him even more irritated. “It will work elsewhere. You are rubbish, you shouldn’t even be working here taking the opportunity of those who need it. That’s what you are, a poor guy, a poor guy who will never leave, will never get anywhere in his life. That’s what you are. Are you going to keep your arms crossed? Get the fuck, retarded […] you are slack in nigga, you are not worth a dollar even in nigga. Go, do something.”

Fábio filed a lawsuit to sue Bruno for moral damages and racial injury. The doorman has been working in the condominium for almost a year and said he had never experienced this humiliation.

I was very shaken. Self-esteem really low. So much so that today it was my stopover and I didn’t even go to work. I was even thinking about changing condominiums and not working in the same place because of that. But many residents called me, sympathized and said it was for me to return and continue”, He reports.

O Cotia e Cia was unable to make contact with resident Bruno. The Los Álamos condominium said that the porter is a service provider and employee of an outsourced company, “who should conduct the unfortunate episode“.

By: Neto Rossi

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