Video! Souza Aguiar’s patients report poor treatment Video! Souza Aguiar patients report poor treatment | Rio de Janeiro

Video! Souza Aguiar’s patients report poor treatment Video! Souza Aguiar patients report poor treatment | Rio de Janeiro
Video! Souza Aguiar’s patients report poor treatment Video! Souza Aguiar patients report poor treatment | Rio de Janeiro
João reports the conditions of the green room at the Souza Aguiar Hospital while waiting for a leg surgery due to a fracture of the femur WhatsApp / Martha Imenes / ODia


Published 02/04/2021 07:10 | Updated 02/04/2021 07:14

Patients and relatives of people hospitalized at Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital, in downtown Rio, reported to the newspaper THE DAY that emergency surgeries are not being performed in the unit due to a lack of anesthetist and basic materials and orthopedic supplies, such as plates, pins, nails, among others. And they go further: the inmates are left without medicine, water and food. Relatives also complain that there is no separation of people with suspected coronavirus contamination from other patients in the green room. “A guard said the hospital is ‘infested’ with covid and they are all mixed up in the green room,” says the relative of one of the inmates, who asked to remain anonymous.

Reports, photos and videos sent to the report show the bleak scenario in the hospital. One case is that of João Carlos Guimarães, 58, a resident of São Cristóvão. Last Tuesday, when he returned from work at the Associação Aliança dos Cegos, in Riachuelo, João Carlos suffered a motorcycle accident. Rescued and taken to Souza Aguiar, a fracture of the femur was found, in addition to other injuries resulting from the fall. Placed in the green room of the unit, he waited for 2 days until a solution was presented.

And here begins the sad saga of those who depend on public health, especially in the time of a coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed 37,114 people in the State of Rio de Janeiro and infected 651,914 others, according to an April 1 survey by the National Council of Health Secretaries ( Conass).

Interned in the green room, João Carlos and other patients report, on video, that they are left without drinking water and eating, that medicine, bedding are lacking and that hygiene conditions are precarious, including personnel. Without being able to get up to do their physiological needs, reports tell of people who were lying on the sheet, taken home, dirty.

“They don’t let them stay with us to take care of us”, laments João Carlos. “I brought the sheet, because it doesn’t have it here. When it gets dirty, I ask to get in quickly and change,” says Carla Cristina, João’s wife. She is one of the family members who takes turns and “works on duty” in the hospital courtyard to take care of her husband and not run out of information.

Gallons stuck in the legs

João Carlos was taken to the HSA surgical center at around 3 pm on Thursday. But when I got there, two problems arose: lack of anesthetist and material. Adriane desolate, says that a palliative measure would be taken. “The doctor bought material with money from his own pocket”, he denounces. In the case of a lack of material, according to orthopedists, it is recommended to do a temporary traction, which consists of tying weights to the fractured limb.

Three hours after the intervention, João’s wife receives confirmation: “They gave me a statement that they put the traction on and did not have the femur surgery”, he says. Two other patients did the same procedure. The three are on stretchers in the green room with gallons of water strapped to their legs. Relatives fear contamination and infections in the non-sterile room because of the incisions. “In the room where people are coming in from the street”, ponders Adriane.

Mototaxi driver waits 13 days for amputation

Next to João Carlos at Souza Aguiar Hospital is mototaxi driver Mário dos Santos Esteves Júnior, 24, resident of Gamboa. He tells, and shows the before and after the service at the HSA, that his bike fell and he tried to hold on. In that, he had his toe almost severed. At the hospital, the need for surgery was noted.

“When the bike fell on my foot, my finger hung. I ran here on the 23rd (March) and the next day at night I was operated on. The doctors tried to recover my finger, put an iron (rod) and sewed it”, explains.

Less than 24 hours after discharge, Mário was surprised by the color of his finger and sought care at the Family Clinic. There he was told to return to the hospital immediately. “My finger rejected the material,” laments Mário, who has been waiting for his finger to be amputated for 13 days. “Because of the delay I can lose my foot”, he fears and asks for help: “We are left here”.

‘Complain to Eduardo Paes’

Marco Antônio dos Santos, is another patient of Souza Aguiar who is hospitalized in the green room. “I checked in on March 29 with a finger fracture and waited 6 hours for the service, then they put me in this room, which would be for 20 people but there are 50! When I said it was too crowded, the nurses said it was to complain to ( mayor) Eduardo Paes “, says Marco Antônio, who adds that employees say they can’t take it anymore. “They take it out on patients,” he says.

“A hospital that was a reference for all of us who need SUS now is just an appearance. You only know how it is inside here who enters! It’s crying every day because the nurses don’t care about you. If you ask for a mask they say you don’t have and soon they will be able to one and the other, but you who asked for it will be without it. People who are not able to eat are there looking at food because the nurses do not give it “, denounces Marco Antônio. And he concludes: “Of the public hospitals I have been to, the only one I didn’t like was this one. Even doctors treat them badly and don’t care about patients.”

Secretariat says complaints do not proceed

Sought, the Municipal Health Department denied the complaints. “The direction of the Municipal Hospital Souza Aguiar clarifies that the information on the purchase of surgical supplies by the unit’s doctor does not proceed,” he says. And he reports that on Thursday there were hospitalizations and surgeries, and that this Friday five orthopedic surgeries of low and medium complexity are scheduled.

Regarding the lack of medication, the folder informed that “there is no lack of medication, when necessary, medication substitutions are made, but without prejudice to assistance”.

It should be noted that the patients sent videos and photos, which was informed to the SMS. Check out the video produced by the O DIA team with patients’ reports in the green room of Hospital Souza Aguiar.

The secretariat, however, did not report on the other complaints made by the inmates. For example, if people with suspected covid are screened before placing them with others in the green room. And also why patients complain about lack of water, food, hygiene and cleanliness. THE DAY he again questioned the folder about these reports and added the case of a patient with a fracture of the femur, who underwent a provisional procedure due to lack of supplies. At the time of this publication, the folder had not responded to the second email.

Method was created in 1873
A study published in the Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia (RBO) points out that the treatment with the vertical traction method, created in 1873, is only “performed when the patient’s general condition does not allow surgery, or when the necessary material for the procedure is not available. appropriate operative “.

In the case of João, the appropriate thing would be the placement of synthesis material (pins, plates, screws, prostheses, wires, nails, etc.), which are used in orthopedic procedures. “Traction, like the one performed on the patient, is a way to minimize the fracture sequelae. We use it in order to maintain bone alignment until the intervention to place the necessary synthesis is performed”, explains an orthopedist who asked not to be identified after analyzing the photos of the patients in the HSA.

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