New video shows that Floyd begged not to be killed

During another day of hearings for the death of George Floyd, committed by the white police officer Derek Chauvin, a new video with images of that fateful May 25, 2020 shows the American begging not to be killed and saying “not to be a bad guy”.

A sign on Lake Street in Minneapolis resembles George Floyd.

Foto: Trevor Hughes-USA TODAY NETWORK / Reuters

Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed by suffocation after Chauvin spend almost nine minutes with the knee on his neck. The approach came about because the man had used a counterfeit $ 20 bill to buy a pack of cigarettes at a drug store. Minneapolis.

The images shown to the jury are from the camera in the agent’s uniform Thomas Lane, which is also investigated by the death, but in a separate process. Floyd begs the cops “not to shoot him” and says “he just lost his mother”. Until the moment he is taken to the vehicle, he says that he “will do whatever they say” and that he will not confront the agents.

However, when placed in the vehicle, Floyd she starts to cry and resists, saying she suffers from claustrophobia in an apparent anxiety crisis. Then, Chauvin and another agent, Tou Thao, also appear in the images. The three take the man out of the car and lay him on the floor, Chauvin putting your knee on his neck.

Several times, as had been revealed in other videos, Floyd he says he can’t breathe and asks people to say that he loves his children. Chauvin ironic the scene and says that “it takes a lot of oxygen to keep saying that”.

It is also possible to hear several witnesses criticizing the police for their approach and asking that the pulse of Floyd be felt. This phase of the process is also listening to those who followed all the action and, this Wednesday, among them, was the young man Christopher Martin, 19, who was the one who received the counterfeit bill.

According to his testimony, Floyd he seemed to be “high,” but he was “friendly and approachable” inside the store and with the staff.

Martin pointed out that he realized that the note was fake because of the textures, but said he doubted that Floyd knew that.

The boy said he thought about letting the store deduct the $ 20 from his salary, but decided to report it to the manager. Another official was the one who called the police. Martin also revealed that he feels “guilty” for everything that happened because if “he had just not accepted the note, it could have been avoided”.

The lawsuit against Chauvin it should last until May. While the prosecution says the policeman “betrayed his badge” by killing Floyd, the defense will use the thesis that the man died as a result of drugs and not by the agent’s approach – even though the autopsy showed asphyxiation as the cause of death.

The death of Floyd it was the trigger for the intense demonstrations against the racism of the Vidas Negras Importam movement and that demand a major reform of the methods of the American police, since episodes of the type are registered frequently.

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