Armed men invade the home of the elderly and steal R $ 5,000 in the region

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An elderly couple was surrendered by a pair of criminals, this Thursday morning (1st), inside their own home in Barretos. The criminals took R $ 5,000 in cash and jewelry. The case was registered with the Civil Police and is being investigated.

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According to the victims’ reports, the couple woke up around 7 am and did not notice anything different at home. At around 8:30 am, the 85-year-old man went to the kitchen to drink water when he was approached by one of the criminals, who was armed. The elderly man was overwhelmed with the gun to his neck.

Another thug entered the scene and took the 82-year-old woman to the couple’s room, demanding that she hand over all the jewelry she owned. The marginal also informed that he knew everything they had and that he would kill them if she hid any of the items.

At the same time, the other criminal went, in the company of the man, to the jewelry workshop where he carried out repairs and demanded that he hand over all the objects that were in his possession, including those that would be repaired. From the workshop, he also took R $ 5,000 and a 22 caliber gun.

The two criminals escaped after the crime and the woman, as soon as she was released, went to the home of a son, who is in the same neighborhood, and called the police. The case has been registered and is being investigated.


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