Video does not show fraud of deaths in pandemic, but backstage of Russian rapper clip

Video does not show fraud of deaths in pandemic, but backstage of Russian rapper clip
Video does not show fraud of deaths in pandemic, but backstage of Russian rapper clip

By Marco Faustino

April 1, 2021, 5:14 p.m.

A video in which a man appears smoking in a black plastic bag does not prove that the Covid-19 pandemic would be a scam and that the dead shown by the media are actors staging, as claimed on social media (see here). The recording shows behind the scenes footage of a video clip by Russian rapper Husky and was originally posted on the profile of production designer Vasya Ivanov on TikTok.

Posts with the misleading assignment of the video gathered at least 10,867 shares on Facebook this Thursday (1st) and were marked with the FALSE seal on the social network tool (see how it works). The content also circulates on WhatsApp, but due to the nature of the app, it is not possible to accurately estimate its reach.

Preparing the terrible scene of the dead to record, they just did not expect one of the dead of fraud to be smoking. This to generate fear in the people

A video circulates on social media in which a man appears smoking with his body into a black plastic bag, like the ones used to store corpses, inside a truck amid other sealed envelopes. Contrary to what the checked posts claim, the recording does not show a fraud about deaths in the pandemic, but a behind-the-scenes snippet from a clip by Husky, a Russian rapper.

The images of the making of “Never Ever” were originally released on the TikTok profile of production designer Vasya Ivanov, who participated in the recordings. In the caption, he correctly indicates that the scenes depict behind the scenes of the filming. In the bags are mannequins, not people, and The Facts failed to identify who is the man who appears to be smoking.

The video clip tells the story of a janitor who has the job of cleaning up the scene of a gang fight. According to the filmmaker and production director, Evgenii Bakirov, the narrative alludes to the inner struggles of an artist who is “cleaning up his mental world”, without any reference to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This piece of misinformation was also checked by the Agency Lupa, e G1. You 2020, a AFP Fact Check did a similar check on another part of the clip, which was also misleadingly shared on the networks.


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