Video does not show fake Covid-19 burial, but recording of story about gravediggers

By Marco Faustino

April 1, 2021, 8:34 p.m.

Posts on social media reproduce a video in which a man records the work of a team from TV Vitória, an affiliate of Record, in a cemetery in Vila Velha (ES) and states that the production would be a fake burial of a victim of Covid-19, the which is not true (see here). The station’s journalists made a report about the day-to-day of the gravediggers of the Municipal Cemetery of Barra do Jucu and, when they were filmed, they recorded supporting images, a common procedure in television journalism.

The report was shown on Wednesday (31) and did not associate the supporting images with a Covid-19 burial, but with a simulation of how it is part of a gravedigger’s routine. According to a reporter from the Espírito Santo station, the pit was not opened at the request of the team. The man who made the recording circulating on social media was not identified by The Facts.

The video circulates on WhatsApp and Facebook, where it was reproduced by the page of federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) and by influencers from the Bolsonar movement. Thus, until the night of Thursday (1), the content accumulated at least 80 thousand shares on the social network. The Facts flagged the content as FALSE on the platform (see how it works).

A man recorded the moment when a TV crew was recording a fake burial at the Barra do Jucu Cemetery in Espírito Santo.

It is not true that a video that circulates on social networks shows that gravediggers at the Barra do Jucu Cemetery, in Vila Velha (ES), made a fake burial of a Covid-19 victim at the request of a team from TV Vitória, an affiliate of Record TV in the state. The scenes that circulate in the posts of Bolsonarist influencers, such as the deputy Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP), show the moment when the journalists recorded supporting images that would integrate a report on the day-to-day of the gravediggers. The article aired on Wednesday (31) and, in no time, associates the images with a real burial.

The recording of supporting images is a standard procedure in television journalism and serves to provide a background for the information reproduced in the report. In this specific case, they were used to show part of the gravediggers’ routine, which includes opening graves for burial. There were also images of a cemetery professional washing her hands and performing other day-to-day procedures.

According to journalist Marla Bermudes, who subscribes to the report, the recorded grave was not even opened at the request of her team. “This is already a cemetery procedure. The images shown at the exact moment that she [a coveira] is playing dirt, they were supportive images to illustrate the activities she carries out on a daily basis “, she said.

In a note, Rede Vitória de Comunicação stated that “the recorded video decontextualizes the moment, distorts the fact and creates a lying narrative”, that its journalists began to suffer attacks on social networks and that “it will take all appropriate measures, be it strengthening the transparency, be it a judicial route against the production and sharing of the cyber criminal attack “.

The Facts was unable to identify the authorship of the video.

This piece of misinformation was also checked by the Agency Lupa e

Ana Rita Cunha and Bernardo Moura collaborated.


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