Radiohead joins TikTok and posts bizarre video on the platform

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O Radiohead is officially not TikTok.

This Thursday (1), an account verified in the name of the band on the video platform was opened and the first post has already happened. Quite strange, by the way.

If the application is known for light and fun content, the British group opted to go against the grain.

Radiohead no TikTok

The short video shows a weird-looking man behind a news stand. Below, the inscription “MEWS” appears, which we can relate to the character Chieftan Mews, created by the band.

In black and white, the video works like a very old transmission and looks very bizarre. After a signal from someone behind the camera, the man says, “What do you want me to say?”

Then, he repeated “tic toc”, “tic toc” several times, as if he wanted to remember a cuckoo clock. Then, the presenter says: “This is the call for you to wake up. Have a nice day”. Then the transmission fails and the man’s mouth starts to tug.

As today is April 1st, a day known worldwide for games, lies and trolling, you can’t know exactly what Radiohead’s intention with the video is.

Is there a subliminal message?

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