#Verified: It is false that video in cemetery ‘proves’ that the media invents burials of the dead by Covid-19

#Verified: It is false that video in cemetery ‘proves’ that the media invents burials of the dead by Covid-19
#Verified: It is false that video in cemetery ‘proves’ that the media invents burials of the dead by Covid-19

A video of a person in protective clothing circulates through WhatsApp, digging a hole in a cemetery and being filmed by a team with a professional camera. The caption accompanying the recording states that this would be proof that the burial would have been invented. They all wear masks, which indicates that the recording took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. By Whatsapp, readers of Forget suggested that this content be analyzed. Check the verification work below:

“Look at the media there that shows what matters in their way. You still see redeglobo. Nego even invents burial ”
Caption accompanying the video circulating on WhatsApp


The information analyzed by Forget it is false. The video circulating on WhatsApp does not “invent a burial” to misinform people about the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic. In reality, the recording shows the production of a special report from TV Vitória, an affiliate of Rede Record, who spoke about the gravediggers’ work routine. At no time was this team simulating the burial of a person who died of the disease.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, TV Vitória has been producing reports honoring professionals who work on the front lines of the health crisis. On March 30, a channel team went to Barra do Jucu Municipal Cemetery, in Vila Velha (ES), to conduct an interview with an undertaker. The idea was to show the daily life of the worker, pointing out the necessary care she took during the service.

To illustrate, the cinematographers captured several supportive images that show the grave digger performing daily actions, such as washing hands and removing protective equipment. This is a common procedure performed by television crews to better tell a story. Reporter Marla Bermudes says that when they arrived at the cemetery, five graves were already open and the grave digger showed the team what the daily movement was like to perform the burial of the bodies.

An unidentified man filmed the action from afar, and the next day, before the report aired, several attacks on the reporter and the broadcaster began to be shared on social networks. “When I got on TV, I started to receive the video via WhatsApp. It didn’t make sense, it was a story to praise the gravediggers, ”said Bermudes, by phone. When the images were seen out of context, the team decided not to show this scene in the final cut of the report, but decided that the reporter Marla Bermudes would comment publicly on TV about the case.

“The professionals involved are being attacked on social networks, in a cowardly way. Rede Vitória will take all appropriate measures, either by strengthening transparency or by legal action against the production and sharing of the cyber criminal attack ”, said the Vitória Communication Network, in a note.

This ‌ verification ‌ was suggested by readers through WhatsApp Lupa. If you have any suggestions for verification, please contact us at +55 21 99193-3751.
Edited by: Maurício Moraes and Marcela Duarte

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