This empty video from Boselli shows how much this Dubingo UM WERME

@ julio.selassie April 1, 2021 at 16:30

I want to know the purpose of leaking this and that clowning shame on the sows …

Speaking that they didn’t even see the color of the ball, in moral these guys are antis in charge of the club …


@ silvio.cesar.ponte 04/01/2021 s 15:11

Humberto 21 posts

@ gustavo.soares16 April 1, 2021 s 14:44

Who is boselli? Won what? Even the Vagner Love that I saw wearing the Corinthians shirt, he was flying, and he melted, then came the first pass and the second, I think more than this b **** by boselli

@ marcos.lopes33 April 1, 2021 s 14:26

Deadbeat fame .. I just saw this story in the ge .. Congratulations dubingo your #[email protected]% !

@ marcio.rodrigues19 April 1, 2021 s 14:24

He lied? That Corinthians nowadays …

@ April 1, 2021 s 14:10

Boselli and bad character too, helped to bring Carille down with the help of a large part of the dumb crowd.


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