Video: police help baby who choked on car in Vila Velha

Video: police help baby who choked on car in Vila Velha
Video: police help baby who choked on car in Vila Velha

Newborn baby was saved by military police after choking on Thursday (1st). Credit: Disclosure / BPTRAN

A newborn baby who was choking was rescued by military police, on Wednesday night (31), when the family returned from the hospital and headed home. The child’s parents took the baby to State Police Station 06, on Rodovia do Sol, in Vila Velha.

According to Sergeant Corrêa, the family had just been discharged from the hospital after the child’s birth and was heading home, in the municipality of Guarapari, when the baby choked on the car. Corrêa, who was at the time of the service, said that the couple arrived at the police station around 7 pm.

“The child was on the mother’s lap, the father was together and another person was accompanying the couple in an attempt to help. When they arrived at the post, Private Brandão immediately identified what was happening and provided first aid. She took the first aid. child and started a resuscitation movement but we saw that the baby didn’t come back “.

The sergeant points out that the baby arrived at the place unconscious. “He was not responding, he remained unconscious and did not breathe. It was at this moment that I put my finger in the baby’s mouth to make breathing easier. That was when the child breathed through his mouth, but as the situation was delicate and we did not have the necessary equipment, we took the baby and the family immediately to the hospital “.

According to the sergeant, he drove the vehicle while the soldier kept the child breathing. The parents were also in the vehicle and the family car was at the police station. The child was dropped off at Hospital Santa Mônica, also on Rodovia do Sol, in Vila Velha, where she remains hospitalized.

The sergeant also points out that, in situations like this, the family should look for the nearest military post. “Look for the firefighters, the police, the municipal guard. We have training to carry out the rescue and make sure that the victim gets to the hospital as best as possible.”

In contact with the report of A Gazeta, the mother said the baby is doing well. “Benício is stable, well, breathing alone, under observation at the NICU. At the moment we are focused on the recovery and discharge of our son. Thank you”, informed Bruna.

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