Madonna criticized after controversial video with boyfriend 36 years younger

Madonna, at 62, caused controversy with a video posted on Instagram Stories. The recording was attended by Ahlamalik Williams, a boyfriend who is 36 years younger than her.

The two kiss passionately in the video. At one point, Williams blows smoke from the marijuana cigarette he smoked into the singer’s mouth.

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Afterwards, Madonna published photos with the costume of the video. In one of them, the singer returns to show a marijuana cigarette.

In the comments, netizens started attacking Madonna. Some said the video was “unpleasant”.

“My grandmother is two years younger than Madonna and honestly I would be sick if I saw a little guy blow marijuana into her lungs and stick her tongue between her fake teeth. It’s sick, how disgusting, ”detonated one.

“Anyone who is encouraging her to continue publishing these shameful things must hate her with passion,” said another.

“Sad that a 62-year-old woman who is very successful and richer than anyone dreams of still needs to present herself that way. For some, what they achieve is never enough, ”commented a third.

Madonna and her boyfriend have been together since 2019. Check out the photos below and images captured from the video.

Brad Pitt is one of the greatest Hollywood heartthrobs in decades. It is normal for many people, famous or not, to reveal wishes and even dreams about the Once Upon a Time star in Hollywood.

What few fans of the actor know is that Madonna has already done this. The moment even happened when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were still together.

Like other artists, Madonna participated in a question and answer session on Reddit. The title of the conversation was “ask anything” – and the fans did not disappoint.

One of the netizens asked what was the last dream that Madonna remembered. It turns out it involved Brad Pitt and the singer was not ashamed to reveal it.

The famous explained that she dreamed that she “lived with Brad Pitt” and that she even had “a little blonde girl in bed”. Apparently, Madonna dreamed of a married life with the star.

“Sorry Angelina Jolie, it was just a dream,” Madonna joked at the time. Fans loved the responses and replied that they often dream the same thing about Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split in 2016.

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