Fake news accuses TV of simulating burial in cemetery

Fake news accuses TV of simulating burial in cemetery
Fake news accuses TV of simulating burial in cemetery
A video showing a TV crew filming the work of an undertaker in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic implies that TV Vitória, Record’s affiliate in Espírito Santo, is simulating a burial to justify the numbers of the pandemic in Brazil.

In the recording, a gravedigger, dressed in white protective clothing that reduces the risk of contagion, throws dirt into a pit while the TV crew captures “cover images” —common in journalism to illustrate reports or interviewees’ lines.

The video with false information is narrated by a man, who mocks the work of the gravedigger and the TV crew, in addition to saying that the image is being manipulated to show the opening of graves and the burial of people contaminated by the covid-19.

“Now he is going to close the hole by simulating that he is burying,” describes the man amid laughter. “I’m ‘filming everything. The day they put it on TV, I’ll post it and say it’s a lie. There’s no body here”, he continues showing images of the empty cemetery. “No one is being buried here.”

The unidentified man still says that the undertaker is a “zé mané” and calls the cameraman “trouxão” after the professional realizes that he is being recorded. At the end of the video, the man is still arguing with cemetery workers.

“What’s that for? These ditches here with no body, nothing? You are conniving with the farce. If you are dying, you will be buried and I will show you. If not, it is a lie,” he argues.

Shared by Congresswoman Carla Zambelli (PSL), which has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram, the video with false information was viewed more than 530 thousand times only on the deputy’s profile.

Soon after the repercussion of the video, TV Vitória clarified what happened saying that the team was recording images for a special report that will show the day to day of the gravediggers’ work.

According to the reporter Marla Bermudes, she and cameraman Willian O’Brien were filming footage to explain the gravediggers’ work and activities. “The report aimed to pay homage to the work of these professionals and not to pretend that the grave digger in question was simulating the opening of a grave or pretending to be burying someone, “she said.” The grave was open and not at the request of our team. . This is already a cemetery procedure “.

In an interview for the TV Vitória website, Marla confirmed that the team recorded the moment when the grave digger throws dirt inside the grave, but clarified that they were just supporting images for the report.

Sought by Twitter, Record has not yet commented on the case.

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