Bolsonaro uses video from June 2020 to minimize the severity of the pandemic – 01/04/2021

Bolsonaro uses video from June 2020 to minimize the severity of the pandemic – 01/04/2021
Bolsonaro uses video from June 2020 to minimize the severity of the pandemic – 01/04/2021
President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) today used a June 2020 video as a way to try to minimize the severity of the covid-19 pandemic, which is experiencing its worst moment in the country, with a new record of daily deaths recorded yesterday. Bolsonaro shared an excerpt from Jornal da Band in which the journalistic program weighs up the numbers of the coronavirus in relation to the number of inhabitants of the country.

The program aired on TV Bandeirantes on June 10 last year. At that time, Brazil was still at the beginning of the most critical moment of the first wave of the pandemic, which would last until August. That day, 1,300 people died from covid-19 according to data from the media consortium of which the Twitter is part of. Yesterday, there were 3,950 deaths recorded in 24 hours.

In the video, which was published on YouTube by Rio de Janeiro councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans), son of the president, and shared by Bolsonaro on his Telegram channel, Jornal da Band shows that Brazil was the third country in a ranking with absolute numbers of deaths, and the second in confirmed cases of covid-19 (watch the original video below).

Soon after, the program considers that, considering the numbers divided by each million inhabitants, that is, counting the size of the Brazilian population, the situation would be quite different. The country would be 19th in the ranking of deaths and 32nd in confirmed cases. The broadcaster, however, does not disclose the source of the data.

The video published by Carlos Bolsonaro is titled: “A few more seconds of truths that you won’t see on a certain TV station”.

Data relativize critical moment

Both in June last year and now, the mere comparison of the covid-19 numbers in relation to the population of each country hides the moment of advance of the pandemic in Brazil, which has an estimated number of inhabitants of 212 million.

Bolsonaro’s Telegram post on June 2020 video

Image: Reproduction / Telegram

O Twitter surveyed the two moments using data from the platform Our World In Data, which uses information provided by Johns Hopkins University, a reference in numbers of covid-19 in the world.

Currently, our situation has changed little in relation to the total numbers divided by the population, with the country in 18th place in the ranking of deaths (1,512.59 deaths) and 34th in confirmed cases (59,977.34).

However, the numbers of deaths and daily cases per million inhabitants better show the critical moment, both now and in the first wave of the disease.

On June 10, Brazil was the third country with the most daily deaths (5.99), behind only Sweden (7.72) and Chile (10.04). Now, according to data from yesterday, the country is the sixth nation with the most deaths registered in the last 24 hours, with 18.2 people dying daily for every million inhabitants.

At the time of the video, Brazil was also among the countries with the most confirmed daily cases in relation to the population, appearing in sixth in the ranking. Now, the nation is only in the 29th position, which may indicate underreporting, since crowded hospitals lead people not to seek care in mild cases, thus being without a diagnosis of the disease.

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