Globo’s ‘Se Joga’ causes boredom imitating ‘Video Show’ at wrong timing

Globo’s ‘Se Joga’ causes boredom imitating ‘Video Show’ at wrong timing
Globo’s ‘Se Joga’ causes boredom imitating ‘Video Show’ at wrong timing

Relaunched on March 6, after a year suspended from the programming of the Globe due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the program Play came back announcing “major overhauls”. They range from the more intimate studio (and, obviously, without an audience), to the cast, with Fernanda Gentil still sharing the scene with Érico Bras, but without the participation of comedian Fabiana Karla. Above all, the bet on the exhibition band changed: before the daily, the program started to be shown weekly, on Saturdays, at 3 pm. Although it is now sold as “light, warm and a breather” to people in the midst of the pandemic, the program does not achieve its goal. By recycling the same outdated entertainment formula from the extinct Video show (1983-2019), has only increased the feeling of boredom in the quarantine.

The new Play it started promising: with an exclusive interview with Sandy and her husband, Lucas Lima, the first episode reached 12.3 points in audience in Greater São Paulo, a number higher than the 8.6 points that the former owner of the slot, Angélica , delivered with his That simple. In the new incarnation of Play, it is clear that Fernanda Gentil strives to use her talent, charisma and sympathy. But something essential is missing: she needs to let go of the script and make more impromptu jokes. As the name of the program asks, in short, Fernanda needs to play more.

In the reformulation, the production tried to rescue the formula of the old daily magazine of the broadcaster, the Video Show, with pictures identical to those of the old program. But, it is worth remembering, the format was taken off the air in 2019, precisely due to creative exhaustion and audience. Who, after all, needs a new Video Show on boring Saturday afternoons? To complicate matters, the return timing of the Play it was also not one of the best. How to make a program showing recording errors, backstage of the soap operas and day by day of the studios when the production of the serials has just been suspended again?

It is a flawed proposal – and the audience figures show it. If in the first program Fernanda delivered over 12 points, the last three exhibitions (13, 20 and 27 March) marked a downhill slope. O Play reached a mere 9.8 points in the last edition – less than the 10-11 points that the replay of the battered comedy Take It Here (2007-2009) was obtaining by filling the vacuum on time. Fernanda Gentil deserved a better program – and the viewer, don’t even mention it.

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