Video shows moment that young man is stabbed in the Center

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SCA had access to a video recorded by a security camera showing an 18-year-old man being stabbed on Wednesday night (31), in downtown São Carlos.

The case took place on 13 de Maio Street. The images show the young man entering an establishment to hide, being followed by the author. He enters a room in the building, tries to talk and defend himself with his hands, but ends up in the belly.

Even though he was injured, the student managed to hide in the neighborhood. Then the perpetrator of the attempted murder flees with the knife used in the crime.

The young man was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to Santa Casa.

Or case

According to the police report recorded on the police duty, the Military Police was called to the scene, where, according to information, the student was using narcotics with a colleague.

At a certain moment, the father of the student’s friend appeared and started to reprimand his son for the use of drugs.

Father and son started to argue and the student tried to interfere, but ended up being hit by his own friend.

The Military Police conducted investigations throughout the region, but the perpetrator was not found.


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