After rescue, kitten becomes obsessed with caresses in the belly; watch video | Pet Channel

After rescue, kitten becomes obsessed with caresses in the belly; watch video | Pet Channel
After rescue, kitten becomes obsessed with caresses in the belly; watch video | Pet Channel
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Dwight lived in bushes and was afraid to get close to Morgan Payne, but he soon became a loving and caring partner.

What would you do if a small, very frightened kitten showed up in your backyard? This happened to Morgan Payne, in Tennessee, United States, when the kitten Dwight appeared at his home. The two developed a strong friendship and, with so much affection, the kitten became obsessed with caresses in the belly.

However, this friendship was not always like this. When Dwight first appeared, he was very scared and hungry. “He was living outside, in the bushes, he was very skittish. I couldn’t even look at him without him running away, ”says Morgan. Although she started to feed the cat, he also ran away when she tried to get her hand close to him.

“After a while, when he realized that I was a source of food, he let me look at him,” he explains. In a video published by The Dodo, she shows that she managed to get close to him at this point, but had not yet touched Dwight.

In time, Dwight began to simply appear on the stairs to Morgan’s wooden deck and sit quietly and patiently on the stairs, waiting for food. The first physical contact with the cat was surprising. “The first time I thought he could let me touch him, he smelled me and I thought, ‘Okay, I got it,’” he says.

Even after earning Dwight’s trust, Morgan still received some snarls from the kitten. But all she had to do was place her index finger next to her nose and Dwight would calm down. She says that after she was able to play it more often, she was very happy.

After that, it was only “downhill” in terms of cuteness: Dwight started to raise his tummy upwards to ask for affection and to nestle on Morgan’s legs; besides closing your eyes and giving yourself completely to the caresses. The woman explains that it took 7 months before he started to trust her.

As the winter got more intense, Morgan realized that Dwight was congested and could have a little flu. That was when she finally managed to put him inside her house and, after that, take him to the vet. There, she discovered that he could be around 2 years old.

It was also inside the house that Morgan told Dwight that he needed a bath while the kitten licked himself. “You need a shower, it’s true. But you are still beautiful, ”she says to the cat, who seems to react to her statement, giving a comical air to the scene.

“He stayed with me and we spent time in my office. He sat on the windowsill, under the heater, and looked out at the snow. He received caresses in the belly and I bought him a special toothbrush, which he loved. He was on my lap, he just wanted to be around someone and he was really cute, ”says Morgan.

Dwight spent a lot of time with Morgan, but went to stay with a foster mother named Jaclyn Payne, where she received twice as much affection and spent even more time in warm laps. He needed to stay there because Morgan already had five other cats and Dwight needs to be alone, as he has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline AIDS, and can pass it on to other cats.

Jaclyn also couldn’t definitely stay with Dwight, as she often welcomes other kittens to stay at her home while they are not adopted. “He’s doing really well, he’s completely transformed. When I found him, I couldn’t even look at him and now he looks at you with kind eyes. You can see that he is very happy ”, he says.

Morgan and Jaclyn hope that Dwight can be adopted soon by a family that loves him the way he will love her. “He’s going to be someone’s special friend, because that’s what he really is,” says Morgan. See the video!

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