Video: baby has passionate reaction when listening to violin sound for the 1st time

If there is one thing that brings people of different ages, creeds and cultures together, it is music, and this video is proof of that! At the beginning of the month, a video went viral on social networks when showing a baby completely glazed upon hearing the sound of a violin for the first time in his life.

The little boy participated in a special music class for babies in New York City (USA). The room was full of couples and their respective children, but no one was so enchanted by the I am a violin as this baby.

When the music started to play, he immediately walked towards the violinist. After spending a few minutes looking at her ‘in love’, he simply hugged her leg, as if you were thanking for that musical delight.

She, like us, was completely in love with baby’s spontaneity. Definitely, the sense of music is universal and this is a scene that warms the heart of even the most skeptical!

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