Video: after a storm, trees fall and cause interdictions on BR 262 in ES

The storm cut down trees and partially blocked several stretches of BR 262 in the mountainous region. Credit: Vitor Jubini

The falls were not restricted to cities. On the roads, the situation has also occurred and in many parts of the BR 262, the main road between the state and Minas Gerais, several points were blocked with branches and even the trees themselves as a result of the windfall of the previous night.

According to the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (Dnit-ES), the rain that hit the region of Greater Vitória and the rise of the mountain during the night compromised the traffic on BR 262 in about 30 kilometers between the cities of Viana and Marechal Floriano.

According to the federal agency, in the aforementioned sections the traffic is partially prohibited. The teams of Dnit and the Federal Highway Police were mobilized and are in the interdiction pots. The agency also informed that employees are working to remove the branches as soon as possible, but has not stipulated a deadline for the complete release of traffic. Faced with the change in traffic, the municipality and the PRF ask drivers to redouble their attention with the signs on the stretch.

Stretches of BR 262 in ES are partially closed after tree falls

The PRF adviser said that between km 24 to 37 there are fallen trees and for that reason there is a ban on a (partial) runway. At km 31 to 34 there is also a ban on at least one direction. The prefectures of neighboring cities are assisting in the removal of trees and the PRF controls the flow of vehicles. The Fire Department also collaborates for the quick release of the runway.

The Federal Highway Police asks that, if possible, drivers avoid driving along the stretch, as the situation is very critical in relation to the number of trees fallen on the road. From km 37 to 90, there are also branches, but these are not interfering with the flow. Even so, the recommendation is to go through the stretch at low speed and with extra care.

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