Evan Greer Releases Powerful Pop Punk Anthem Video Against Transphobia

Photo: Kayana Szymczak

Since 2009, March 31 is dedicated annually to the celebration of the International Transgender Visibility Day, serving to amplify the voices, rights, stories and contributions of trans people around the world, in addition to the struggle for reception, food, security and justice.

To mark this day, the singer, songwriter, artist pop-punk and Boston activist, Evan Greer (she / elus), released yesterday the video clip of her new single, “The Tyranny of Either/Or”, Defined by itself as“ an angry open letter to TERFs and other transphobics ”. She continues: “People who are angry about the same things can sing along with the music and feel something. And this is really powerful ”.

The video brings a compilation of unforgettable and political images, turning into a small documentary and a true history lesson on the trans and queer liberation movement, since, in Greer’s words, “much of this story is hidden and inaccessible, especially for young trans people and people who don’t conform to gender ”.

Made by Gaetano Vaccaro, the material includes scenes from the 1966 riot in San Francisco at Compton’s Cafeteria (as a stop to police harassment of drag queens, transgender people and sex workers), contributions from Marsha P. Johnson and the anthological speech of the late New York activist Sylvia Rivera, made in the 1970s, on Liberation Day, on Christopher Street.

In addition to the video, which you can see below, the track was released for sale through Bandcamp and all proceeds will go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which also accepts direct donations here. The lyrics of the song include passages like “we just want to be ourselves / we just want to live our lives”.

In time, “The Tyranny of Either / Or” is yet another song that Evan Greer anticipates from his second studio album, Spotify is Surveillance (successor to she/her/they/them, 2019), whose release is scheduled for April 9th ​​via Get Better Records and Don Giovanni Records.

Evan Greer – “The Tyranny of Either/Or”

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