Businessman Roger Maisonnave wins Covid-19 in the Capital; Watch the video | Leo Coelho

Businessman Roger Maisonnave entered the hospital by ambulance on 17 March. He was hospitalized for 15 days, going through the ICU, and he was intubated. In a coma – unconscious – for days, the diagnosis worried, it was very serious. However, destiny, the super professionals of Baía Sul and – of course – God wanted Maisonnave to revert the situation, managing to recover, leaving happy, emotional and even stronger. (See the video below!)

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Roger has lived in the Capital for more than 30 years, where he raised his two children and became a professional reference in the real estate area of ​​the city.

When diagnosed with coronavirus, the businessman started treatment at home, but it didn’t take long for him to feel the need to go to the hospital. In the consultation, in the emergency room, the verification of the indispensability of hospitalization. The natural path was the ICU and the inevitable intubation came with it. It seemed that the outcome would be sad and that the entrepreneur would become another number of this tragic statistic. They were difficult days, of struggle, a lot of faith and with a happy ending.

This is one of Covid-19’s positive stories, which should be celebrated and presented to everyone who – right now – is with their loved ones fighting for their lives.

We have to praise the role of the man up there and of all hospital staff around the world. This group is tireless.

Take care! Life needs to be respected and also lived!

Stay safe. All this will pass!

Enjoy the video without moderation!


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