Video: Gas cylinder explosion leaves injured junkyard owner in SP

Video: Gas cylinder explosion leaves injured junkyard owner in SP
Video: Gas cylinder explosion leaves injured junkyard owner in SP

The owner of a junkyard was injured during a gas cylinder explosion in Capão Bonito (SP), on Tuesday (30). According to Paulo Vieira, 57, he was trying to empty the equipment at the time of the accident. The information is from G1.

According to Paulo, who works with his son André, the handling of industrial equipment is common in the industry in which they work. According to him, a failure in the safety valve made him imagine that the cylinder was empty.

“The cylinder came with a scrap load, which is the industry in which we work. We imagined it was empty, even if the valve was opened, the air would not come out ”, explained Paulo’s son.

According to André, emptying the equipment is precisely a safety measure, as there is not always clear information about the stored material. At the time of the explosion, Paulo was sitting on the equipment and tried to force the safety valve out with a screwdriver.

“It was an accident, it never happened. It is just a matter of care and attention for any type of cylinder. Even if you open the valve and think it is empty, there may be some pressure inside, so be careful ”, warned André.

After the accident, Paulo was taken to the hospital in Capão Bonito and had to be treated for burns on his back and deep cuts on one of his elbows. Despite the scare, he is doing well and is already at home.

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