‘Those people who humiliate her, get up just to fall’

The number 57 of Rua Joaquim Nabuco, in the José Pinheiro neighborhood, in Campina Grande, Paraíba, is recorded in many memories of the childhood and adolescence of Juliette Freire, from “BBB 21”. It is at this address that even today the mechanic shop of her father, Lourival Feitosa, works. At 62, he no longer works as he used to. But it still serves older customers. The place, now and then, is in the makeup artist’s unrestrained mouth in reality. In some conversations with other participants, she went so far as to say that she calls the place “Lixão”.

In a video that circulates among WhatsApp groups, Lourival’s workshop is shown without retouching, which corroborates the nickname given by the sister. There, there is a disorder that would leave Fiuk with anxiety crisis. “The workshop that she says looks like a dump is not. It’s tidy ”, begins the narrator in the video, until he encounters the generalized mess inside the establishment:“ We will have to give a little help here ”.

Soon after, the video frames Juliette’s father’s car. The Fiat Palio de Lourival, whom the author of the video calls an altar boy, deserved a trip to the “Caldeirão do Huck” and participate in the “Lata Velha”. To hold the trunk open, he uses a broom handle. The car is also damaged, it has been dented and even the license plate has been erased so that it will not be fined.

Lourival, however, shrugs and says that the “powerful” is doing well. This is the first time that Lourival has appeared since his daughter went to “Big Brother”. And also the debut in an improvised “interview”. “The message is that she has to stay there, right? Until the end. Those people there who humiliate her, get up just to fall. Just have God in your heart ”, warns Lourival.

When Juliette Freire’s mother met her husband, he came from a broken marriage and had custody of four children. A few years later, the lawyer and her sister came, who died at the age of 17. The male wing of the whole family went through the work in the workshop. Today, three of them still operate in the business.

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