VIDEO: Frozen truck has no brakes and needs the exhaust area

Truck loaded with seven tons of frozen was without brake and had to enter 30 meters in the exhaust area, on BR-376, in Paraná

A truck carrying seven tons of frozen food had to access the escape area of ​​BR-376, in Paraná, after being left without a brake. The episode was recorded on Wednesday morning (31).

The driver of the vehicle, whose name was not revealed, admitted that he knew the feature and decided to use it after realizing that the truck had a defect in the brake system.

The information was passed on by the concessionaire responsible for the stretch, Arteris Litoral Sul. The vehicle, despite being small in size, was heavy due to loading. The truck entered 30 meters in the exhaust box built at km 671, in Guaratuba.

The area, one of the reasons for “pride” on the part of the responsible concessionaire, was built in August 2011 and has already saved hundreds of drivers from major problems – and even irreversible in a stretch marked by a sinuous relief.


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