Again: video catches a new case of false vaccination in Bahia

Again: video catches a new case of false vaccination in Bahia
Again: video catches a new case of false vaccination in Bahia

One more case. A new revolt. A servant from the Municipality of Nilo Peçanha, a municipality in the Lower South of Bahia located about 150km from Salvador, pretended to apply the vaccine to an elderly woman in the town of Itiúca. The server was denounced after a video that circulated on social networks and caught the moment when the elderly woman had her arm pierced, but the applicator did not inject the liquid.

Mayor of the city, Jacqueline Oliveira (DEM) stated that the municipality learned of the case and removed the professional from her duties. In addition, an administrative proceeding was opened by the city to investigate the occurrence.

The local Health Department contacted the elderly woman’s family, identified as Dona Maria, and applied the dose on Wednesday (31). A new video was published recording the moment, which took place at the Itiúca Health Unit during the morning.

According to the IBGE, the estimated population in 2020 of the municipality is 14,079 people – less than half of the total capacity of Arena Fonte Nova, which can receive about 48 thousand fans in a soccer match.

The municipality’s epidemiological bulletin points out that there are 4 active cases in the city, which has already registered 513 cases with 13 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, in March last year. 793 people received the vaccine in the first dose, which corresponds to 86% of the 920 vaccines distributed to the municipality at this stage. Of these, 105 patients have already received both doses.

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