Trucker is shot while reacting to assault in Cariacica

Trucker is shot while reacting to assault in Cariacica
Trucker is shot while reacting to assault in Cariacica
Photo: Reproduction

A 49-year-old trucker was shot while reacting to a robbery in the Vila Capixaba neighborhood in Cariacica. The crime happened at dawn on Wednesday (31). The victim was sitting on the sidewalk when two men arrived on a motorcycle. The truck driver reacts and gets into an argument with one of the criminals who then fires at the victim.

In the images from a video surveillance camera, it is possible to see the time when the pair of assailants arrive at the scene. The driver of the vehicle leans over and approaches the truck driver, who lifts and pushes one of the assailants.

The man on the back gets off the bike and drops a cell phone. At this point he starts an argument with the trucker and then shoots the man. The criminals manage to escape and only afterwards does the victim realize that he was shot.

After being shot, the Military Police was called, the police arrived at the place and called Samu. In the ambulance, the truck driver received first aid, and then sought a place in the hospital. However, rescuers did not get a place for the victim. With that, the truck driver decided to seek medical help on his own.

According to police information, no objects were taken from the victim and the cell phone that fell during the robbery belonged to someone else, probably another victim of the pair.

The TV Vitória / RecordTV journalism team got in touch with the businessman that the truck driver provides services. He said that after the attempted robbery and because he was unable to find a place in a hospital, the victim decided to get in the truck and return to Rio de Janeiro.

The businessman also said that when the truck driver was passing through the municipality of Iconha, he felt pain in his leg again, but continued driving to Rio de Janeiro, where he got medical attention.

The victim, according to the businessman, is fine. Military police patrolled the region, but found no suspects.

* With information from reporter Matheus Brum, from TV Vitória / RecordTV.

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