Physiotherapist sings to relieve tension in patients with Covid-19, in Curitiba; VIDEO | Parana

The days have been difficult for healthcare professionals during the new coronavirus pandemic. Even so, in Curitiba, the physiotherapist Aloysio José Lechenacoske, 27, decided to turn the bad moments into music and poetry for patients.

In one of these moments, with a patient at Marcelino Champagnat Hospital, Aloysio was filmed by a nursing technician while singing. The physiotherapist says he didn’t even notice. Watch the video above.

“I am a physical therapist who likes the arts. On one of these complicated days, a patient became interested in my voice, I sang. A nursing technician recorded it and I didn’t even realize that the lyrics of the song made so much sense with the moment ”, he says.

Aloysio sang two songs for the patient, one of them was “Um Sonho É um Desejo”, by Cinderela. The chosen passage said about faith.

To G1, the physiotherapist states that singing and reciting poetry has always been part of everyday life.

“It is a very intuitive thing and it just happens. I am not looking for patients to do this. It is very spontaneous, really. But when it happens, it is because the person needed that proximity, and so do I,” he says.

Working in the fight against the pandemic since last year, the physiotherapist comments that he found, in the midst of the difficult moment that everyone has lived, a way to breathe.

“Looking into the patient’s eye, saying a word or taking a poem and singing a song may seem silly, but it is very important. The pandemic has come to turn many keys, move structures and reevaluate concepts, restructure old patterns. I am interesting and when I can contribute in any way, I’m happy ”.

1 of 2 Aloysio has been working to combat the pandemic since the beginning. – Photo: Personal Archive

Aloysio has been active in fighting the pandemic since the beginning. – Photo: Personal Archive

From the last year, Aloysio says he has learned a lot from what he has lived. “More and more I am sure that I am a human being like any other, we are in the same boat, heading for the same future. If we do not do something now to improve this here, it is now or never,” he says.

When the physiotherapist realized that he could sing for patients, or simply talk and leave poetry, he didn’t think twice.

“If I can improve life, the day, the time, or just a minute of the other person’s life, I certainly feel better, happier. In the future, when I look back, when this is all over, I will be sure and calm that I was, without any pretense, someone who helped someone at some point. This is priceless ”.

The physiotherapist says that the act of disconnecting for a few minutes from reality is important not only for patients, but also for professionals who have faced the crisis.

“It is fundamental. That is why I say that, if I manage, in some way, to contribute to a patient to alleviate or even divert the suffering, I can clear my own head and be able to breathe, face the situation in a different way “, he says.

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2 of 2 Physiotherapist sings and recites poetry to patients with Covid-19 in Curitiba. – Photo: Reproduction / Disclosure

Physiotherapist sings and recites poetry to patients with Covid-19 in Curitiba. – Photo: Reproduction / Disclosure

Leaving the request for each one to do their part, Aloysio reinforces that the situation of the pandemic is still very serious.

“Do your part, commit yourself to a better tomorrow, even if it is for yourself. People are selfish about not thinking about others, but if they do it for themselves, they will end up doing it for the other too”.

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