Coastal barriers register huge lines this Easter ‘eve’. VIDEO

Coastal barriers register huge lines this Easter ‘eve’. VIDEO
Coastal barriers register huge lines this Easter ‘eve’. VIDEO

With the arrival of Holy Week, many people decided spend the holiday on the coast of Paraná. As sanitary barriers on the coast are registering queue records, on the night of this Wednesday (31). However, whoever cannot prove that he lives in one of the seven coastal cities, has to turn around and leave.

Aerial images of PR-407, that connects BR-277 to Praia de Leste, show the line going from the post of the State Highway Police, where the barrier is, already close to Praia de Leste, even beyond the Guarauguaçu River. They were almost four kilometers of queue in the middle of the night, and it kept increasing. And due to the need to check the car-by-car documentation, the queue moves very slowly, with long waiting periods.

At least two ambulances they had to go on shoulder or against the highway, to be able to arrive on time with patients. Already one doctor had to be escorted by the police because it is UPA employee from the coast and was on his way to work.

In Guaratuba, where there are two barriers – in Crowned and in Prainha – queues were also registered on Wednesday night. The coastal city halls still do not have estimates of the size of the lines this Wednesday night, nor of how many cars have already been sent back. But last weekend, in Guaratuba, 600 cars had to make the turn and return to the road.

Sanitary barriers started on the coast almost three weeks ago (March 14), as well as the closure of the borders, even for local residents. The coastal mayors decided on these measures because, as soon as it was decreed lockdown in the capital, March 13, the number of tourists in cities increased instantly. So to avoid the proliferation of the virus on the coast – the entire health system in the region is saturated – they opted to bar the entry of tourists.

The restriction applies to the seven coastal cities: Antonina, Guaraqueçaba, Guaratuba, Matinhos, Morretes, Paranaguá and Pontal do Paraná.

They should only pass trucks that go supply the city with diverse inputs and who lives or works in the region. The proof must be made through official documents (water and electricity bills, badges, letters from the companies, or any other document that proves the person’s link with the city).

In a statement specific to the Matinhos city hall, there is an explanation of the proof at the barriers: “As before, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED minimum fee invoices, in which case the resident must prove electoral domicile by presenting the voter card. Both cases will be accepted physical documents or in digital version. ”.

See how is the sanitary barrier on PR-407, in Pontal do Paraná, this Wednesday night. The last video is longer and shows the line beyond the Guaraguaçu River.

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