In a farewell video, ex-commander says that FAB is “State institution”

In a farewell video, ex-commander says that FAB is “State institution”
In a farewell video, ex-commander says that FAB is “State institution”

The now ex-commander of the Aeronautics, Antonio Carlos Bermudez, said in this Tuesday (30.mar.2021) that the Air Force is a state institution whose mission is “bounded by unbelievable constitutional precepts”.

The brigadier lieutenant released a video with a farewell message after the government reported that the Armed Forces commanders would step down. In addition to Bermudez, Edson Leal Pujol, from the Army, and Ilques Barbosa, from the Navy, will be replaced. Politicians opposed to the Bolsonaro government saw the changes as an act of the president to “equip” the Armed Forces.

Dear members of the Air Force command, this morning [3ª feira (30.mar)], I became aware of the decision of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, to exonerate me from the command of the Brazilian Air Force. I received this news as a good soldier, who dedicated 46 years of his life to serving his country”, Declared Bermudez.

The departure of military commanders occurred on the day following the resignation of Fernando Azevedo e Silva of the Ministry of Defense. He was replaced by General Walter Braga Netto.

When I leave the command of the Air Force, my feeling is of gratitude to those who worked alongside me, directly or indirectly, so that the Air Force, a State institution, would serve the Brazilian people in all their calls..”

Bermudez cited the “hard times”Of the covid-19 pandemic and thanked the staff of the FAB who acted in the fight against the coronavirus. The lieutenant-brigadier asked the military to believe in the importance of the mission of the FAB.

Therefore, dear members of the Air Force, believe in the relevance of our mission, which, guided by the unbelievable constitutional precepts, cooperates for the sovereignty of what belongs to us: air space.

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