Focusing on the pandemic, Brazilian series ‘5x comdia’ premieres on Prime Video

Focusing on the pandemic, Brazilian series ‘5x comdia’ premieres on Prime Video
Focusing on the pandemic, Brazilian series ‘5x comdia’ premieres on Prime Video
The first Brazilian fictional series of the platform has Gregrio Duvivier, Rafael Portugal, Thati Lopes and Yuri Maral in the cast (Photo: Prime Video / Divulgao)

A year ago, director and filmmaker Monique Gardenberg received an invitation from Viacom studio to propose audiovisual content that could be recorded, remotely, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. She soon thought of one of the most successful projects on the stage, the 5x comedy play, created in the 1990s, which focuses on humor skits and a varied cast of actors. Since last Friday, the serial version of the project has been available on Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Vídeo, becoming the platform’s first original Brazilian fictional series.“It was really an immense challenge. I was in a hyperactive state of mind and, that night (from the project idea), I had the five stories. I didn’t sleep. I think the anguish was so great, and the idea of ​​putting myself and observing the other helped me a lot ”, remembers Monique Gardenberg at a press conference. Thus were born the five independent scripts that integrate the first season of 5x comedy in version for streaming.

All episodes are pandemic-themed. Monique imagined different situations of social isolation, from the hypochondriac man, who separates the whole family in a house, to the financial market investor, who cares little about the building’s doorman. These stories are set in a comical atmosphere, but they are nevertheless touching, dramatic and respectful of the health tragedy that the world is experiencing.

“I put myself in the shoes of many people to create this series. She has a very responsible thing. I see comedy with a corrective function. With grace and style, she places a mirror in front of society and there she is reflecting everything, both her grace and her ugliness and folly. That was my direction, using comedy as a key to a ruthless criticism ”, he comments.

The actor Gregório Duvivier is the protagonist of the first episode, which accompanies a hypochondriac man who isolates himself from his own family, in another room, afraid of the virus. “These are pandemic stories that are very different from stereotypes. It has many quarantines within the quarantine. Everything is portrayed (in 5x comedy). It’s not the same five stories or the stories we’re seeing out there. Talking about the pandemic is also talking about loneliness, solidarity, family, love, death ”, he says.

Gabriel Godoy is in the second episode, which portrays the situation of the investor and the porter who ends up doing everything for the “boss” and taking risks on the streets. “I find it sensational how the series manages, in a comical and light way, to give a lot of reflection. I think it is very important for people to see and think ”, he comments.

The cast also has Katiuscia Canoro, Martha Nowill, Rafael Portugal, Roberta Rodrigues, Samantha Schmütz, Thati Lopes and Yuri Marçal. In addition to Monique, the direction has Charly Braun, Pedro Coutinho and Rafael Primot. The recordings all took place remotely, without the actors meeting.

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