Video: Wellington Dias explains the lack of vaccines in Brazil

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Less than 3% of the population has received the second dose so far

Governor Wellington Dias (PT), president of the Northeast Consortium and coordinator of the vaccine issue at the National Governors Forum, recorded a video this Wednesday (31), explaining why there is a lack of vaccines in Brazil. According to him, the country entered late in the vaccination and still has few doses for a population the size of the Brazilian, estimated at 211.8 million people.

Dias reports that, to date, states have received 33.6 million vaccines. Of these, 16.9 million were applied as the first dose and 4.9 million as the second dose. This means that less than 3% of the population has already been fully immunized.

Of the remaining 11.8 million doses, 5.2 million are reserved for the second dose of Coronavac, 6 million have just been distributed by Instituto Butantan and Fiocruz and 600 thousand must compose a technical reserve, so that they can quickly replace doses that eventually be lost in, for example, a transport accident or some other unforeseen event.

“So, the problem is the lack of vaccine. We have to support these heroes and heroines who are there at the edge working to save lives, with vaccinations ”, says the governor. Watch:

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