Video shows runaway truck hitting cars and property in ES

Images from video surveillance cameras caught the moment when a runaway truck hit three cars and a commercial property in the municipality of São Mateus, in the north of Espírito Santo. A person in one of the cars could not resist the injuries and died on the spot.

The fact occurred last Saturday (27), but the video was only released later. The images also show that, a few seconds before the accident, a woman and three children pass peacefully through the scene.

Car was crushed by runaway truck in São Mateus. Credit: Reproduction / TV Gazeta


The accident happened in the district of Nova Lima. The driver, who had left Pinheiros, in the same region, lost control of the direction and ended up dragging three vehicles that were parked on the main avenue of the locality, in addition to hitting a commercial property. Even a street lamp was knocked over by the runaway truck.

Sought to talk about the investigations, the Civil Police said that the case is still under investigation by the São Mateus Specialized Police Station for Criminal and Other Offenses (DIPO). Due diligence is still ongoing and further information has not been released.

Properties were hit by runaway truck in São Mateus
Even a street lamp was knocked over by the runaway truck. Credit: Reproduction / TV Gazeta

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