“Dictatorship never again”, says district with tears in his eyes. Video

“Dictatorship never again”, says district with tears in his eyes. Video
“Dictatorship never again”, says district with tears in his eyes. Video
Crying at the end of the speech, district deputy Arlete Sampaio (PT) criticized the period of military dictatorship in Brazil, at the plenary session of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF), this Wednesday afternoon (3/31). 57 years ago, on March 31, Brazil experienced the military coup of 1964.

For the district, only in a democratic environment can the population discuss important issues for Brazil, such as measures to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic. According to the district, only in Democracy, the people can criticize.

According to Arlete, Brazil cannot experience new periods of dictatorship. “We can no longer allow this to happen again. For this reason, we have to make our memory come alive this March 31, so that it will never be repeated. Dictatorship never again! ”, He said.

Soon after, the parliamentarian cried.

See the speech:

“Democracy is the best regime that can exist. Because he is the only one who can correct himself. And it needs to be improved more and more ”, he explained.

According to the parliamentarian, during the dictatorship, Brazil was governed by individuals who behaved like emperors and who closed all democratic representations. “Considering the Brazilians, whatever they were, who could minimally criticize as if they were enemies of the nation”, he pointed out.

The district returned to denounce the episodes of torture of political prisoners, after the military coup. “We need to work to prevent any attempt to return to this dark time,” he warned.

Arlete’s speech was praised in the virtual plenary of the CLDF. Other parliamentarians also criticized the coup of ’64, such as Leandro Grass (Rede), Júlia Lucy (Novo) and Fábio Felix (PSol).

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